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Competitive Advantage

1. Know how and Experience with more than 15 years rich experience in OEM/ODM, We focus on design and manufacturing.
2. Unique and Exclusive we have professional R&D team, which can develop special products for customers according to their requirements.
3. Approval and Certification ISO International Quality Guarantee System and whole series International Certification: ISO9000, UL, CE, EMC, CE, LVD, CB, IEC60065, NOM.
4. Quality and Price We have strict production processes to ensure quality and the whole industrial chain to keep the most competitive price.
5. Exporter and Importer we have import & export license, and we can directly import the electronic components and export the products, which can reduce the cost.
6. Service and Support we provide the customers with the repair parts, schematic diagram and maintenance manual. Customers are satisfied with our services.

R&D  Design and Development
We have an efficient team; all the engineers of our team have worked in our company for more than 8 years and every year we will launch 60 new types’ products.

The team includes
1. Electronics engineers.
2. Structural and mechanical engineers.
3. Acoustic engineers.
4. Aesthetics and production designers.
5. CAD/CAM engineers.

Apart from ISO9000 International Quality Certification System, we also employ other special ways to control products’ quality.
1. 100hours( normal temperature )continuous working test with full load before mass production.
2. 24 hours(45℃ high temperature) continuous working test with full load before mass production.
3. 8 hours continuous working test with full load for each uint during mass production.
4. Over voltage test.
5. -40℃ ultralow temperature store testing.
6. Sine vibration test.
7. AQL control.

Produce & Manufacture
We have 5 workshops and 1 testing lab
1. Wood cabinet workshop
2. Drive unit workshop
3. Speaker assemble and test
4. PCBA assemble and test
5. Amplifier assemble and test
6. living test lab

We have served below brands:

Home audio and home theatre system 300K.