DJ Mixer Rocky Party System

DJ Effect/Mixer/Bluetooth/Dual USB/RGB Party Light/FM Tuner

HQ Powerful Amplifier with X Drive Mode

Improved generation Low distortion Class D Amplifier

Total Amplifier MAX Power Output:150W

Big Size LED Display

Full Function Remote Control

Input A:USB A(Media Player)/Bluetooth/FM Tuner/AUX

Input B:USB B(Media Player)/Line in

DJ Mixer(Input A and Input B)

DJ Effect Volume USB Tempo

Hifi Class Bluetooth

Wireless range 10 meters, typical

FM Tuner

DJ PRO Effect:Scratch/Reverb/Beat Box/Yeah

Professional Karaoke

Professional loudspeaker

Total P. M. P. O 9000 W Powerful Speaker System

Protective perforated steel grille

Music with Brilliant RGB LED Lighting Effect

Tweeter Unit: 1"

Mediant Unit: 3"

Subwoofer Unit: 10"x2

Handle and Wheels

Rechargeable Battery Built in 4.5AH/12V(5 hrs)

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