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Maintenance of common problems in sound engineering
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1. Signal Distribution: In the case of several groups of loudspeakers in the sound field, a balancer is often used to distribute signals to multiple amplifiers to boost speakers. But at the same time, it is also possible that different brands of amplifiers and speakers are mixed together, which brings a lot of problems in the distribution of signals, impedance matching, level distribution can be balanced, the power of speakers can be normal, and it is difficult to adjust the frequency characteristics of the sound field and speakers with a balance.

2. The problem of adjusting the frequency point of the graphic balancer: There are three kinds of spectral waveforms of the swallow-shaped peak waveforms. The above waveforms are all imagined by the tuner, but they are not the waveforms required by the practice of sound field. We know that the ideal frequency characteristic curve of sound field should be relatively flat, if the tuner adjusts the sound by imagination. The field frequency characteristic curve is incredible, and the result is just the opposite.

3. pressure regulator adjustment problem: it is common to do the decoration basically do not work and the role of excessive reaction. The former can make use of, the latter will bring serious impact on the system dynamics, the performance of the voice can not come out, it is obvious that the stronger the accompaniment, the voice will naturally weaken the singer confused.
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