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Get The Most Inside Of Your Music With Different Audio Speakers

No one home audio speaker can handle every frequency. That’s why home audio experts use more than one type of speaker. Connoisseurs of music and home audio systems will employ speakers that will recognize the lower frequencies, as well as the higher.

You’ve probably already come across subwoofers with are large speakers that play lower frequencies, usually bass. These consume a high amount of power, which often needs to be regulated by an amplifier, so that there are no power spurts.

Subwoofers enable you to hear the lower frequencies, which are around30 sound waves per second. However, subwoofers cannot adjust to higher frequencies, which can reach up to 20000haz or twenty thousand sound waves per second. There is a vast difference between the frequencies and no home audio speaker is able to handle both.

So to handle higher frequencies, manufactures came up with the tweeter a very small speaker that is only around two to three inches and can handle the higher frequencies of instruments and singers. This mini but powerful speaker is unlike the subwoofer, mainly due to its size, since it is highly efficient. Unlike a subwoofer, you can increase the volume without draining much power either. Combined with a subwoofer, you music system will drastically improve the quality of sound.

Mid-range speakers also exist. These fill in all the frequencies that the subwoofers and tweeters cannot touch. Between the sizes of the two at around 3 inches, mid range speakers essentially cover the range that is not covered by subwoofers or tweeters. They also come in a range of shapes, with make them ideal for fitting into cramped comers.

Mid range speakers are also combined with tweeters in a two way or three way speakers. This is mainly done to save space and wiring time. Each cone of a speaker is set to handle the frequency range of either mid range or a higher frequency.

Adding subwoofers, mid range and tweeters to your system will drastically improve your home theatre audio’s frequency range, meaning you can hear all of the music, rather than bits of it. Subwoofers will allow you to hear the bass, but if you solely use a subwoofer you are likely to miss out on the higher notes of the singer’s voice. Combine all three speakers to hear all of the frequencies and enjoy your music to its full extent.