Dolsonmuse Electronic Co.,LtdAbout UsPINGTANG INDUSTRIAL PARK, GUANHUA ROAD, GUANYAO NANHAI, FOSHAN, GUANGDONG CHINAWe Are Your Engineers! We Are Your Factory! Dear Friends: We love music. More importantly, we love music that sounds good! We have dedicated our business to people who think about high quality and top style as paramount in a product. We believe that your business needs a factory that can work as though it was your own, based on your needs. You don't need to look any further...we are here! We are Dolsonmuse Electronic Co.,Ltd, acknowledged as the best home audio manufacturer in China. For over 23 years, we have manufactured, researched and developed home audio systems. We are the experienced engineers that you have been lo

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Model NO. LFM-1000
Model NO. LFM-500
Model NO. MAX-1022
Model NO. PartyLight 88
Model NO. PartyLight 66
Model NO. Partybox 890
Model NO. Partybox 550
Model NO. Partybox F10D 360
Model NO. Partybox F10
Model NO. Partybox PA-290
Model NO. Partybox PA-30
Model NO. DJ-NX 5988
Model NO. DJ-NX8888
Model NO. DJ-NX8288
Model NO. Partybox DJ12C (1000W)
Model NO. Partybox DJ12C (500W)
Model NO. Partybox 1000
Model NO. Partybox 200W
Model NO. Partybox F180
Model NO. Partybox F80

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